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Supplement tablets for lazy bowels

Buonerbe Forte

Awaken your sluggish intestine

Buonerbe Forte is a food supplement that contains Frangula, Senna purified extract titrated with 20% in sennosides, Plum, Chincona and Chicory, that are useful to help bowel transit.

In the event of irregularity and prolonged constipation to ensure rapid action without irritating the intestinal walls. In the event of occasional constipation during trips with changes of climate and habits, and, in general, in the event of a poor diet.

1 to 2 tablets daily, preferably at bedtime.

Micronized Senna leaves and fruits, extracts of Senna leaves and fruits, Frangula bark, Plum fruit, Chicory root and Chincona bark.

Gluten free. Suitable for vegans.
The effectiveness of plants containing anthraquinones can be felt after 8-12 hours. It does not contain Aloe or Cascara, which can be irritating.
Read the warnings on the package.

Average Content1 tablet
Chicory root titrated dry extract titrated with 90% in inulin150,0 mg
Senna leaves and fruit dry extract titrated with 20% in sennosides
equal to toal sennosides
100,0 mg
20,00 mg
Senna leaves and fruit micronized total100,0 mg
Plum fruit titrated dry extract titrated with 7% in sorbitol50,0 mg
Frangula bark dry extract titrated with 20% in glucofranguline
equal to glucofrangulin
25,0 mg
5,00 mg
Chincona bark dry extract20,0 mg
(7 customer reviews)

 8,00 12,00

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Suitable<br> for Vegans Suitable
for Vegans
senza glutine gluten
senza lattosio lactose

30 tablets, 60 tablets

Info & Insights

7 reviews for Buonerbe Forte

  1. Lino

    La mia unica ancora di salvezza.. è un toccasana

  2. ALFIO


  3. Mimma

    La prima volta che la uso. E meravigliosa. Mimma

  4. Minala Gracie

    The best supplement for constipation, easy on the stomach too.

  5. vincenza sorrenti

    Ottimo prodotto…funziona davvero !

  6. franca gallicchio


  7. Giulia Pirozzi

    lavoro su turni diversi ogni giorno e quindi ho un’alimentazione alquanto irregolare, seppur corretta. Grazie a queste tavolette ho finalmente risolto il mio problema! Sono fantastiche, davvero! E poi il fatto che sono naturali mi tranquillizza molto 🙂

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