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Prostel® is a dietary supplement from Bios Line’s research, with Serenoa, Rosemary, Zinc, Selenium and Lycopene extracts. Serenoa, a dwarf palm that produces a dark red fruit, and Tomato extract titrated with Lycopene can be useful for prostate functionality. Zinc helps protect the cells from oxidative stress and maintain the normal testosterone levels while Selenium promotes spermatogenesis. With its antioxidant activity, Rosemary extract completes the formulation.

To restore your wellbeing combating disorders of the urinary tract.
1 capsule per day with a little water during meals.
Serenoa fruit, Rosemary leaves, Tomato Lycopene, Zinc and Selenium.
The swelling of the prostate affects a very high number of men from the age of 40 and manifests itself with various symptoms among which the continuous need to urinate and, at the same time, difficulty to start urinating, weak and intermittent flow, a burning feeling while urinating and the increase in urinating frequency both during the day and at night (nicturia). These problems have a series of negative consequences going from the deterioration of the sleep quality to the embarrassment in social and work situations and to the negative repercussions on sexual activity. However, even if a lot of men consider them an inevitable consequence of ageing, there are natural products that can positively influence prostate function. Lactose free. Gluten free. Read the instructions on the package
Contenuti Medi%NRVS*1 SOFT CAPSULE
Serenoa lipid fruit extract with 88-95% in fatty acids 320 mg
Rosemary leavesoily extract titrated with 3% sunflower oil diterpene compounds 20 mg
Tomato fruit oleoresin titrated with 15% lycopene
equal to lycopene

13.34 mg
2 mg
Rosemary leaves dry extract titrated with 10% rosmarinic acid 10 mg
Zinc 100 10 mg
Selenium 100 55 mcg
(2 customer reviews)

gluten<br> Free gluten
lactose<br> Free lactose
30 capsules

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2 reviews for Prostel

  1. Ibrahim

    Today firstly started taking Prostel.
    I will get back to you as soon as a month after I finish taking all 30 tablets.

  2. A. Renzi

    Prodotto efficace già dalla prima settimana di assunzione.

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