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Buonerbe Forte Sciroppo


A healthy and correct diet as well as regular physical exercise are important to promote normal bowel function.

In case of intestinal irregularity, Buonerbe® Forte sciroppo promotes regular intestinal transit thanks to its formulation based on Senna purified extract, titrated with 20% sennosides, and on Frangula extract, titrated with 20% glucofrangulins, while Malva plays an emollient and soothing action on the intestinal mucosa. Buonerbe® Forte sciroppo contains also Ash Manna, that promotes the normal consistency of the faeces, and Plum extract, rich in sorbitol.

The particular formulation as a mixture, with a pleasant fruity taste, is very practical to dose, with its measuring scoop, and is ideal for those who have problems swallowing tablet formulations.

In case of intestinal irregularity and prolonged constipation, to have a quick action that does not irritate the intestinal walls. In the presence of occasional constipation due to travel with change of climate and habits and in general with an incorrect diet. Particularly suitable for people that have problems in swallowing tablets or those who need customised dosing of the product.
From 10ml to maximum 20ml of mixture a day, pure or diluted with water or other liquid, preferably in the evening after dinner. Shake well before use. Any deposit is due to the product being natural and does not affect its quality. Once opened, keep in the fridge and use within a month.
Inulin, Ash Manna, extracts of Senna leaves, Malva leaves, Frangula bark, plum fruit, Cinchona bark and Fennel essential oil.
No Gluten and Lactose Suitable to vegans and vegetarians Read the warnings on the box.
Average contents1 SCOOP (10ML)1 MISURINO (10 ML)
Malva leaves hydroglyceric extract 500 mg
Chicory 130 mg
Senna leaves dry extract titrated with 20% sennosides
equal to total sennosides
100 mg
20 mg

Senna leaves dry extract titrated with 2.5% sennosides 100 mg
Ash Manna 100 mg
Plum fruit titrated dry extract 50 mg
Frangula bark dry extract titrated with 20% glucofrangulins expressed as glucofrangulin A 25 mg
Cinchona bark dry extract 20 mg
Fennel essential oil 2.5 mg
3 mg
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senza<br> glutine senza
senza<br> lattosio senza
Adatto<br> ai vegani Adatto
ai vegani
180 ml

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