NEW ENHANCED FORMULAS TO STRENGTHEN HAIR.Losing 30-100 hairs a day is normal, as hair goes through a life cycle that requires periodic replacement. However, when the loss is excessive and prolonged over time, it is useful to resort to specific treatments. The synergistic IN & OUT action of the Biokap Anti-hair loss treatment, the targeted formulas enriched with organic Bamboo Silicon and the use of selected ingredients allow counteracting fragility and thinning, strengthening the hair structure and adding body and volume to the hair.The heart of the formulation of BioKap® Anticaduta (Anti-hair loss) products is the exclusive Tricofoltil® complex, based on Flex, Copper and Biotin, now enriched with+ 100% Cystine and Methionine compared to the previous formulation, to make hair even stronger;Organic Silicon from Bamboo, to promote hair bulb’s trophism and make hair thicker.The action of the food supplements is completed by the BioKap® Anticaduta Strengthening Lotion, in a new spray format, even easier to apply, the BioKap® Anticaduta Strengthening Shampoo and the BioKap® Anticaduta Strengthening Vials.

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