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Our natural solutions for all weight loss and weight control problems.

Excessive weight and fat deposits are mainly due to the inbalance between calory intake and calory consumption. However, causes other than just eating habits can contribute to an increase in weight.

Starting at 30, our metabolism slows down because of physiological causes or an unbalanced lifestyle (low physical activity, skipped or out-of-hours meals, etc.).

The waist is one of the areas where fat tends to accumulate, particularly in men, and, due to the hormonal changes connected with ageing, also in women.

Sometimes excessive weight is the fruit of water retention caused by a water retention.

An important role in the body weight balance is played also by sleep: sleeping adequately improves the metabolism and allows giving up night snacks.

Bad eating habits include also heavy meals as well as those too rich in fat and carbohydrates.

We have studied a solution for each one of these problems.
See below all food supplements, in tablets and drinks, based on plant extracts, to answer the different needs of weight loss and weight control.

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