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Black cohosh and lavender supplement

Principium Cimicifuga Donna+

To reduce the symptoms of menopause. Non-estrogenic activity.

Principium Cimicifuga Donna+ is a dietary supplement that helps relieve menopause symptoms and promotes relaxation.
Contains a high dose of Black Cohosh extract standardised to 2.5% of triterpenes glycosides.

Black Cohosh is a plant that grows in North America, whose roots were widely used by native Americans. Several studies have shown the activity of Black Cohosh extract in reducing hot flushes, excessive sweating, mood swings and other common symptoms associated with menopause.

Principium Cimicifuga Donna+ also contains Lavender essential oil, which helps improve mood, relaxation and sleep.

senza Fitoestrogeni

The extract of the Black Cohosh rhizome is used to treat menopause symptoms, while Lavender essential oil helps improve mood and promote relaxation and sleep.

2 tablets twice daily (morning and evening) with a little water.

Black Cohosh extract standardised to triterpenes glycosides and Lavender essential oil.

No gluten and lactose. Suitable for vegans and vegetarians.
Read the warnings on the package.

Average content2 cpr
Cimicifuga rhizome and root
d.e. tit. 2.5% in triterpene glycosides (HPLC analogue) equal to triterpene glycosides
160,00 mg
Lavender o.e.60,00 mg
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SKU: BL7426 Category:
Suitable<br> for Vegans Suitable
for Vegans
senza glutine gluten
senza lattosio lactose

60 tablets

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  1. alessandra

    ottimo funziona ma non va interrotto

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