Frequently Asked Questions

No. 3-month cycles are recommended, with a 1-2 months’ pause. We always recommend to take supplements in cycles, also not to become psychologically dependant.

No, Ansistop is a supplement and, as such, is not addictive.

No, there are no safety data on the use of Magnolia/L-Theanine during pregnancy, therefore the use of Ansistop during pregnancy is not recommended.

From the age of 14. Under the age of 14, VitaCalm Buonanotte Gocce is recommended, 40 drops/day, with vegetable ingredients suitable for children.

No, Ansistop gives neither drowsiness nor drops in concentration.

Yes, Ansistop contributes to relaxation, reducing fear and anxiety, allowing a more “relaxed” approach to the most important engagements.

Yes, we recommend 2 tablets an hour before take-off and 2 more during take-off. Ansistop contributes to relaxation without giving drowsiness or drops in concentration.

Can I take Vitacalm Ansistop together with high pressure drugs?
Yes, Ansistop is a supplement, however it must be taken separately from the drug. Thanks to the Melissa content, it has a general relaxing effect. We recommend you take it 4 hours after/before the drug.

Yes, there is no interaction between the two products.

Yes, Ansistop causes no drowsiness or drops in concentration.

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