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Ultra Pep Slim 6 Zero


Ultra Pep ® Slim 6 Zero is a food supplement supporting weight loss, without added sugar and with plant extracts of Green Tea, Cola, Pilosella Birch, Griffonia, Ortosifon, Dandelion and Tamarind juice.


STIMULATES THE METABOLISM: thanks to the action of Cola and Green tea

CONTROLS HUNGER: Griffonia contributes to the control of the feeling of hunger

DRAINS: with Pilosella, Birch and Ortosifon which, all together, have an effective draining action on excess liquids

PURIFIES: Dandelion, rich in Inulin, has a purifying action

TONES: Cola, rich in caffeine, has a toning action

REGULATES TRANSIT: tamarind facilitates the intestinal transit

Ultra Pep ® Slim 6 Zero is easy and quick to prepare, available in bottle in 2 palatable flavours: Pineapple and Green tea.

It does not contain any artificial dyes and is sweetened with Maltitol, which has reduced caloric value.

It is a useful support in weight loss programs. Indicated to eliminate excess liquids, promote thermogenesis, purify and deflate, improving intestinal function.
One 20 ml scoop a day in 200 ml of water between meals or dissolve 20 ml in a bottle of water and drink as desired during the day, always between meals.
Extracts of Green tea leaves, Cola seeds, Birch leaves, Pilosella herb, Griffonia seeds, Ortosifon leaves, Dandelion root and Tamarind dry extract.
Gluten free. Lactose free. Suitable to vegans and vegetarians. Without artificial sweeteners, sweetened with Maltitol. Flavours: Pineapple and Green tea. Read the warnings on the package.
Average contents20 ML10 ML
Birch leaves dry extract titrated with 2.5% iperoside 150 mg 150 mg
Pilosella herb dry extract titrated with 1% vitexin 130 mg 130 mg
Green tea leaves dry extract titrated with 40% EGCG
equal to EGCG
120 mg
48 mg
120 mg
48 mg
Griffonia seeds dry extract titrated with 20% 5-HTP 120 mg 120 mg
Dandelion root dry extract titrated with 20% inulin 100 mg 100 mg
Tamarind fruit dry extract 100 mg
Cola seeds dry extract titrated with 10% caffeine 60 mg 60 mg
Orthosiphon herb with flowers d.e. tit. 0.2% sinensetin 100 mg
Orthosifon leaves dry extract titrated with 0.2% sinensetin 100 mg
Tamarind juice d.e. 100 mg

senza<br> glutine senza
senza<br> lattosio senza
Adatto<br> ai vegani Adatto
ai vegani
500 ml - € 28,00
20 stick concentrati da 10 ml - € 28,00

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