BioKap® Anticaduta Hair Reinforcing Lotion


With Tricofoltil®, with extract of Olax dissitiflora and Saw palmetto to strength and reinforce hair

BioKap® Anticaduta Hair Reinforcing Lotion is a cosmetic formula based on Tricofoltil® (complex with Linseed oil, Copper and Biotin), extract from Olax dissitiflora, with China, Capsico, Achillea, Nettle, organic Red Vine, Pumpkin seeds, Saw Palmetto and organic essential oils of Rosemary and Melaleuca to strengthen and protect your hair.

When to use it

To thicken and strengthen your hair.

How to use it

Use the dispenser to apply a few drops of lotion to wet or dry scalp and massage with your fingertips. Use every other day for two months, then twice a week for at least other two months. We recommend two cycles per year.

What it contains

Tricofoltil® complex with Linseed oil, Copper and D-biotin, Olax dissitiflora extract, China extracts, Capsicum, Achillea, Nettle, red Vine, organic Pumpkin seeds, Saw palmetto, Vitamin PP, organic Rosemary and organic Melaleuca essential oils.


BioKap® Guarantees: Peg Free, Silicone Free, Paraben Free, Nickel Tested, Dermatologically Tested.
Read the instructions on the package.

tabella trattamento anticaduta

How it works?
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Tricofoltil® complex with Linseed oil, Copper and D-biotin
Olax dissitiflora extract
China extract
Capsicum extract
Achillea extract
Nettle extract
Organic Red Vine
Pumpkin seeds extract
Saw palmetto extract
Vitamin PP
Organic Rosemary essential oil
Organic Malaleuca essential oil

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