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PhytoDepura Forte bustine concentrate


Pollution, stress, bad and hasty food habits, smoking, haphazard lifestyle – these are all causes of the build up of waste and toxins generated by normal cellular metabolism.

PhytoDepura® Forte is a food supplement to promote the body purifying functions and the elimination of toxins, based on phytosomal milk thistle titrated with 15% silibine, 7 times more bioavailable, Artichoke, Fumaria, Birch, Gentian, and Aloe.

To cleanse the body. To combat the harmful effects of pollution, stress, smoking, a haphazard lifestyle as well as hasty and incorrect food habits. Ideal to be taken during season changes.
Dissolve a sachet in a large glass of lukewarm water first thing in the morning. If your need to detoxify is greater, dissolve 2 sachets in a bottle of water to drink whenever you like throughout the day, between meals. LIVER Milk thistle and Artichoke together with Gentian improve liver function SKIN Fumaria promotes healthy skin KIDNEYS Birch helps with the drainage of bodily fluids INTESTINE Aloe has an emollient and soothing effect on the digestive system and Inulin, a prebiotic fibre, promotes the balance of the intestinal flora. Gentian also contribute to the digestive function.
Milk thistle phytosome, Artichoke, Fumaria, Birch, Gentian, Aloe.
A detoxifying period is advisable during season changes, after pharmaceutical treatments, prior to a diet, in case of oily skins or before any wellness cure. No gluten and lactose. Suitable for vegans and vegetarians. It contains no artificial colors and sweeteners.
Contenuti Medi2 SACHETS
Gentian root dry extract titrated 4:1 e.s. tit. 4:1 300 mg
Artichoke leafdry extract titrated with 5-6% caffeoylquinic acid as chlorogenic acid 280 mg
Milk thistle phytosome fruit dry extract titrated 15% in silybin 200 mg
Fumitory tip dry extract 120 mg
Birch leaf dry extract 100 mg
Aniseed fruit dry extract 4:1 50 mg
Chicory inulin 1200 mg
Aloe vera gel sine cute juice 10 g
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gluten<br> Free gluten
lactose<br> Free lactose
Suitable<br> for Vegans Suitable
for Vegans
30 single-dose sachets (300 ml)

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3 reviews for PhytoDepura Forte bustine concentrate

  1. ronaldo scheibmeier


  2. lia rafanelli

    ottimo mi sento molto meglio (.dopo aver provato altri prdotti con scarsi risultati)

  3. Giorgia Ferro

    Stupendo, anche se durante i primi 3 giorni ho avuto sintomi di dissenteria, ma il mio erborista mi disse che erano tutte tossine accumulate, ed è proprio così. Ora sono quasi a metà cura (30 bustine) e mi sento molto meglio, la pelle è + pulita ed io mi sento + leggera.

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