Cell-Plus Anti-Cellulite and Slimming* Patch

Against cellulite skin blemishes and localised fat


Against cellulite skin blemishes and localised fat

The Cell-Plus® Alta Definizione Anti-cellulite* and Slimming Patch is the new reshaping solution against cellulite skin blemishes and localised fat on belly and hips, thighs, buttocks, arms and specific areas.
The innovative technology of the transdermal patch releases the contained active ingredients gradually over time, favouring the treatment of localised fat, for a prolonged reshaping action.

It is applied in a few seconds and adheres to the body skin creating “an invisible sheath”, soft and comfortable also under your clothing. It is left to act for 8 hours and can be used both during the day and at night.
It contains Caffeine, for a slimming and draining action; Blue Algae from Brittany, Crithmum maritimum and Rosemary extract, effective on fatty deposits and cellulite skin blemishes thanks to their lipolytic action.
Finally, it contains Capsicum annum to promote microcirculation.
The Patch can be applied whole, to treat the belly and hips, or cut for critical areas like buttocks, inner thighs and inner arms.
We recommend 2 applications a week for at least a one-month treatment.
For a shock treatment, we recommend it is used together with the daily application of the Spray Cellulite e Snellimento Cell-Plus Alta Definizione formulation.


To obtain a shock treatment of cellulite* and localized fat. To reshape the body and promote slimming**, fighting skin sagginess.


To be applied on dry skin and left to act for 8 hours. It can be used both during the day and at night. It is comfortable and can be applied in many areas of the body. Use the whole patch for belly and hips. Cut the patch in half for thighs, buttocks, arms and specific areas.

In case of sensitive skin, before removing the patch after 8 hours of application, use a soaked sponge to easily detach it from the skin.

WHOLE PATCH: ideal or belly and hips

HALF PATCH: ideal for critical zones

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Crithmum maritimum, Rosmarinus officinalis, micronized Blue Algae® from Brittany (Gelidium cartilagineum), Caffeine, Alga Laminaria, Salicornia herbacea and Quinoa seeds, Green Tea leaves, Gingko biloba, Garcinia cambogia.


Paraben free. No silicones. No mineral oils Dermatologically tested
The Patch is for single use: once applied it must not be reused. It must not be applied on irritated skin or after hair removal treatments. It can give a warm sensation and cause slight redness that disappear quickly and are connected to individual sensitivity, showing the product is working.
Do not use during pregnancy.

*Skin blemishes *Slimming consists of a reshaping cosmetic action that does not include any loss of weight.

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