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Food supplement for memory


To support memory and cognitive function

Stress, periods of intense study or work, and advancing age can reduce mental clarity, ability to concentrate and memory.

Acumens® is a food supplement containing Bacopa, which promotes cognitive function and supports memory, and Ashwagandha, known for its activity against mental fatigue. Acumens® also contains Choline and Phosphatidylserine, components of the cell membranes of nerve cells, and vitamin B6, which promotes normal psychological function.

To counteract mental fatigue and promote memory and concentration.

From the age of 12 years, 1 tablet a day, taken at breakfast or lunchtime with a little water.
During periods of intense study, intellectual surplus or mental stress: 1 tablet a day for at least 1 month.
In case of mild cognitive decline: 1 tablet a day for at least 3 months.

Bacopa aerial part extract titrated with 22% Bacosides, Ashwagandha root extract titrated with 2.5% Withanolides, Choline, Phosphatidylserine and Phosphatidic Acid from Soya and Vitamin B6.

Without Ginkgo Biloba.
Gluten-free. Lactose-free. Suitable for vegans.
Read the warnings on the package.

Average contents1 tablet% NRV*
Bacomind™- Bacopa aerial part d.e. titr. with 22% Bacosides
of which Bacosides
100,0 mg
22,0 mg
Ashwapure™ -Ashwagandha root d.e. titrated with 2.5% in Withanolides
of which Withanolides
100,0 mg
2,5 mg
Vitacholine®- Choline bitartrate
of wihch Choline
243,9 mg
100,0 mg
Phosphatidylserine and Phosphatidic Acid from Soya
of which Phosphatidylserine
of which Phosphatidic Acid
125,0 mg
25,0 mg
25,0 mg
Vitamin B65,0mg357

*NRV =Nutrient Reference Value


Suitable<br> for Vegans Suitable
for Vegans
senza glutine gluten
senza lattosio lactose

30 tablets

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