From Bios Line’s experience,
a line with highly-standardized
and high-dosage active ingredients.


The importance of a quality supplementation for people’s health and well-being is more and more recognized, also by scientific research. On the strength of their experience in phytotherapy, Bios Line’s laboratories introduce Principium: a line of products characterized by one high-dosage active ingredient, in its most effective and available form, alone or in synergy with other nutrients useful to increase their bioavailability. Products that contain the best raw material selected in Italy and worldwide, always formulated and made in Italy with the best manufacturing technologies. Highest-quality monocomponents and complexes, products to be used alone or together with other formulations to enhance their effect and customize the treatment.

Magnesio Completo. 4 fonti di Magnesio per un'azione completa.

From today a new patented formula with improved absorption.

Magnesio completo

Magnesium is a very important mineral, involved in several processes which are fundamental for the health and balance of our body. Its deficiency may cause irritability, excessive stress, tiredness, fatigue and muscles discomforts.

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Ferplus tretard. Ferro ad alta biodisponibilità senza disturbi gastrici.

High-bioavailability iron without gastric problems


Iron is an essential mineral for the human body. It contributes to the ordinary oxygen transport to tissues and energy metabolism. Iron deficiency manifests itself with tiredness and fatigue and is common in pregnant, breastfeeding or childbearing-age women and among vegetarian and vegan people.

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C1000mg Tre-Tard

Vitamin C with 3-layer controlled release for a gradual absorption

C1000mg Tre-Tard

Smoke, alcohol, coffee, pollution, stress, but also intense sport activities contribute to lower the endogenous levels of Vitamin C and limit its absorption. In all these cases supplementing the quantity of Vitamin C normally taken with the diet can be of help. It is particularly recommended during wintertime, when the immune system needs more support.

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