Inositolo contro la spina bifida

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Spina bifida, a birth defect affecting the nervous system of the unborn child during pregnancy, could be prevented using inositol, a natural substance. The claim comes from researchers at University College London, who have begun a clinical trial on humans to verify the results. The most common prophylactic against this disease is folic acid, which can reduce the risk by 60%, but according to experts, who spoke of their research to the BBC, inositol can provide additional protection. “Inositol is a molecule similar to glucose – explained Nick Greene, who is conducting the study – which is found in meat, fruit and vegetables. We do not think that women are lacking in this molecule, but studies on guinea pigs have found that it can stimulate the cells of the embryo being formed, and correct the defects leading to spina bifida.” If the results are confirmed, experts explain, inositol could be added to folic acid supplements for women of childbearing age who are planning to have a child.

(source: Dal sito Farmacista 33- 2010)

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