Il sole invecchia gli occhi

2 min

While sunbathing, everyone is very concerned about the health of their skin and how to protect it adequately. We must devote the same attention to the health of our eyes, which are neglected in the sun and age with the risk, in the most serious incidents, of cataracts, even among younger people. These are the themes at the centre of attention of the Italian “Commissione Difesa Vista” which, in its annual handbook, reiterated the importance of protecting the eyes from the risks of the season. The eye is one of the key players in relating to the outside world, but in addition to being a vital organ, it is also very sensitive and, experts warn, must be protected. The main enemies are UV rays: invisible rays that penetrate the atmosphere and are responsible for burns. It is no coincidence that the harmful nature of UV rays is one of the main issues of which the World Health Organization (WHO) wants to raise public awareness.

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