biokap bellezza novità
biokap bellezza novità
biokap bellezza antigiallo

A new market for hair

Those who have blonde hair, natural or bleached, are well aware of the problem of yellow and orange shades that take away the shine and beauty of the hair. Thanks to the fashion launched by movie stars and models and influencer, platinum, white and gray hair has become very popular and hence a strongly growing market is born.

Why does my hair turn yellow

Yellowing of hair is a natural phenomenon caused by the deterioration of an amino acid, tryptophan. The products of this degradation, called “kynurenines”, produce the yellow color which is deposited on the surface of the hair fibre.

Yellowing affects all hair, but is more visible on light hair where there is a lower quantity of melanin.

The BioKap Bellezza solution

BioKap has come up with two innovations designed to take care of bleached hair and achieve good neutralization of yellowing.

biokap bellezza novità

The remaining 4% for the sensoriality and conservation of the product

biokap bellezza antigiallo infografica
biokap shampoo antigiallo

BioKap® Purple Anti-Yellow Shampoo

A delicate shampoo without SLS and SLES with purple pigments, ideal for neutralizing yellowing and brightening hair, natural or dyed.

Its formula combines dyes, purple clay and organic cornflower with wheat and rice proteins that restructure and strengthen the hair fiber while a hydrating cocktail of vegetable oils gives new light to dull, dull and faded hair.

IDEAL FOR: all shades of natural and dyed hair. Corrects the yellowing of blond, white, gray and discolored hair. Helps prevent orange tones in brown hair.

biokap balsamo antigiallo

BioKap® Anti-yellow Purple Conditioner

A cream with a conditioning, rich and silky action that neutralizes unwanted yellow-orange tones, enhances cold reflections and revives the brightness of the hair without weighing it down. Its formula contains a concentrate of purple pigments, purple clay and organic cornflower to delicately correct yellowing on all shades of hair: dyed, bleached and natural.
Shea butter and olive oil nourish and restructure the hair fiber while panthenol gives shine and vitality by creating a protective film on the hair that facilitates brushing.

IDEAL FOR: all shades of natural and dyed hair. Helps prevent orange tones in brown hair and revives faded highlights.

biokap vegan

Without animal derivatives

biokap nikel free

NIKEL < 0.0001%
Dermologically tested

biokap no siliconi

peg, silicones, parabens and sles

biokap pet riciclato

100% recycled PET
100% recyclable cardboard

Who should you recommend BioKap Purple Antiyellow to
biokap antigiallo per capelli biondi

Per capelli Biondi

natural or bleached, eliminates reflections and straw yellow tones.

biokap antigiallo per capelli chiari

Per capelli Chiari

but tending towards brown or chestnut, eliminates copper and orange tones.

biokap antigiallo per capelli grigi

Per capelli Grigi o Bianchi

eliminates its natural yellowing, giving a natural silver reflection.

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