Did you know • 15 July 2014

Porta in tavola i carciofi

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In this season, the wisdom of nature gives us a truly special vegetable. The artichoke, not really a beautiful food with its scales, but great for detoxifying the liver due to the presence of bitter principles (cynarin). In addition to activating the flow of bile and decongesting the liver (helping to lower cholesterol), the artichoke has very few calories and a good dose of inulin, ideal for revitalizing the intestinal flora. Eat these vegetables raw or cooked, avoiding more elaborate recipes. A good idea is to reuse the water used to cook them to prepare risotto: though a little bitter, it is an ideal cleanser. If you have organic artichokes, you can use the leaves to prepare detoxifying herbal teas: the leaves are the part of the vegetable where the active substances are most concentrated.

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