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The history of Bios Line

Today it is a great company, 30 years ago it was a great idea: an idea had by Paolo Tramonti who, in combining traditional herbal medicine and innovation, got hold of a common thread, an ideal line that led to wellbeing, vitality and beauty.
Bios Line, to be precise.

The history of Bios Line from that point has been the continuous development of that idea, like a plant from its roots, through curiosity, professionalism and enthusiasm that only a passion for the inexhaustible richness of the natural world can allow.

Today, Bios Line is a company that draws the resources to explore the enormous potential of health and wellbeing contained in the plant world from the latest research and scientific achievements, transforming them into natural, effective, safe products.

Always respecting some basic rules:

prodotti fitoterapici

developing advanced, autonomous research into herbal products, nevertheless drawing on the teachings of ancient herbal science;

prodotti fitoterapici

ensuring natural, effective and safe products thanks to control over the entire production chain;

prodotti fitoterapici

meticulously testing the hypoallergencity of cosmetics;

prodotti fitoterapici

excluding all animal testing from the production process.



Immersed in the countryside, near Padua, the Bios Line offices are designed and built as the transposition of the company philosophy in architecture. Natural materials such as wood, bamboo and cork are combined with the technological rigour of steel and concrete, creating an atmosphere of warmth tempered by the harmonious rigour of lines.

Green everywhere: in the light shades, in the gardens and in the ornamental plants that enrich the interiors. And green is also the predominant colour in our relationship with the environment: Bios Line has installed a photovoltaic system for the production of clean energy that reduces emissions by 36 tonnes of CO2 a year. It also adheres to “Impatto Zero” (Zero Impact), a LifeGate project which aims to reduce and offset company’s CO2 emissions by planting new forests.

Tell me where you are and I’ll tell you who you are, you could say. And certainly, in our work and ideas, the ‘how’ is largely related to the ‘where’. Bios Line quality also comes from this.



Although it is true that every company is made up of people, it is equally true that Bios Line is made of special people who love their work. They know they need to create an idea and keep it alive, they know they need to perceive and transmit sensitivity to health and wellbeing in constant evolution to the products, they know they need to explore the infinite resources of the herbal universe. This is why we need people who are prepared, curious, rigorous and enthusiastic at the same time.

The company has about fifty employees, many of whom have degrees in Chemistry, Pharmacy, Biology and Herbal Medicine. In actual fact, they are at the heart of a large network, fuelled by collaboration with university research centres and daily interaction with external consultants such as naturopaths, nutritionists and dieticians, chemists and traditional and non-traditional doctors.

All this ensures a steady flow of ideas, fostering the creation of innovative and increasingly effective formulations.

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