Continuous improvement

Natural and effective: to ensure that these two fundamental requirements are always ensured, Bios Line products are the result of continuous research and development, practically inexhaustible.

Starting with the selection of raw materials, the ideal starting point for product development. Bios Line knows every detail of the plants it uses, their origin, place of cultivation and harvesting methods. From a supply chain viewpoint, the main medicinal plants are tested, to assess the crops and techniques that will produce the highest quality standards.

The R&D department develops and refines a set of procedures related to extraction and administration: for titration of the extracts, for example, established by means of specific analytical methods for each substance, the actual guarantee of the presence of the active ingredients in the extract and consequently its effectiveness, or for the determination of the most suitable galenic formulation (preparation technology) according to the type of plant, the active ingredient but above all the intended use: ranging from micro-tablets for Safralyin® to sublingual sachets for Migralen® to the enteric, colon-specific capsules for Colipan.

Last but not least, our qualified personnel is continually involved in training, studying and evaluating the most recent scientific literature, in terms of efficacy, safety, but also the synergy of action of the plant complexes.