It comes naturally to us

Suitable land, selected seeds, sustainable farming techniques together with respect for the times dictated by the seasons: Bios Line quality comes from careful selection of raw materials. The cream that you will put on your face and the infusion that will refresh you in the evening will always contain the best herbal ingredients, from controlled areas and land, where they grow naturally or are cultivated in a natural way.

Quality also comes from harvesting. According to the principles of herbal traditional, Bios Line chooses and picks every plant, bud or flower at that “magic moment” when it has the highest concentration of active ingredients.
To preserve the natural properties of each ingredient, picking is often done by hand. Trained and experienced personnel constantly monitor the growth and quality of the crops.

Last but not least, Bios Line quality is an attribute of the production process, guaranteed by a certified Quality System. Tests are carried out for stability, physical and chemical properties and quality in the laboratory, using the most advanced control methods and instrumentation. In addition to the usual tests on bacterial load, pesticides and heavy metals, the ELISA test to detect gluten and tests to detect nickel are carried out on many products.
All this with the aim of preserving and enhancing the purity and efficacy of the active ingredients, respecting the dictates of modern herbal medicine, according to which no constituent of the plant can be considered inert.

Quality, in short, comes naturally to us.