Vitaderm Personal Hygiene Cleanser

Gentle and safe personal hygiene


Gentle and safe personal hygiene

The cleansing base of this natural cleanser ensures protection in intimate areas, prone to irritation. The product’s effect is ensured by the natural extracts and essential oils. Gentle purifying formula for men and women – pH 3.5.

When to use it

Recommended for everyday personal hygiene, even during the menstrual cycle and in the presence
of redness; for increased protection in public places like gyms, swimming pools, at the sea, while travelling.

How to use it

Emulsify with a little water, cleanse and then rinse. It can be used every day for perfect personal hygiene, coupled with a pleasant feeling of freshness.

What it contains

Extracts of aloe vera gel*, mallow, yarrow and calendula; essential oil of Melaleuca alternifolia; menthol; lactic acid; plant surfactant from coconut.


SLES/SLS FREE. Cruelty free. (*) Aloe vera produced in Mexico, grown organically and certified by Bioagricoop.

Read the instructions on the package.

How it works?
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