VitaCalm Junior Drops


Serene, day and night

VitaCalm Junior Drops, completely alcohol-free and sweetened with fructose, contains Lavender, Linden, Lemon balm, Passion flower, and Valerian, which promote relaxation and sleep.

When to use it

Recommended for mood swings, irritability, and nervousness, as well as for promoting children’s sleep.

How to use it

25-50 drops diluted in milk, chamomile tea, juice, water or other liquids during the day or at bedtime.

What it contains

Passion flower flowering tops, lemon balm leaves, extracts of valerian root, orange peel, lavender flowers, linden flowers, fructose.


Gluten free. Lactose free.

Read the instructions on the package.

How it works?
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Average contents 50 drops
Passiflora grass with flowers d.e. 34,50 mg
Lemon balm leaves d.e. 15,0 mg
Valerian root d.e. 9,6 mg
Sweet orange pericarp d.e. 7,5 mg
Lavender flowers d.e. 5,0 mg
Lime blossom d.e. 5,0 mg

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