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Sleep drops

VitaCalm Buonanotte Gocce

Restful sleep for better days. For adults and children

Resting quietly allows facing the day in the best possible shape.

VitaCalm ® Buonanotte is a food supplement with Valerian, Passiflora, Lavender, Lime and Melissa titrated and standardised plant extracts: plants from the herbal tradition known for their ability to promote relaxation and quiet sleep. These extracts are skilfully mixed in a Camomile watery extract that, apart from promoting sleep, gives the product a very pleasant taste.

VitaCalm ® Buonanotte can be added to water and other liquids and can be used at night as a valid alternative to traditional herbal teas. Its particular formula is recommended to solve the day tensions and promote relaxation in children, aged 3 and up, adults and the elderly.

To promote night rest, in case of intermittent or restless sleep. Indicated for adults and children.

Vitacalm consigli uso

Children (from the age of 3): 20 drops
Children from 12: 40 drops
Adults: 60 drops
diluted in a little water, herbal tea or other liquid, at night before going to bed.

Valerian, Passiflora, Melissa, Lime, Lavender and Camomile.

50 ml

With sugar and vegetable sweetener.
Gluten free. Lactose free. Suitable for vegans.
Read the warnings on the packet.

Average Content 60 drops
Camomile heads watery extract 500,00 mg
Passiflora grass with flowers dry extract titrated with 4% total flavonoids as vitexin 100,00 mg
Valerian roots dry extract titrated with 0.8% valerenic acids 100,00 mg
Melissa leaves dry extract titrated with 4% total hydroxycinnamic derivatives as rosmarinic acid 100,00 mg
Lime flowers dry extract titrated with 1% total flavonoids as rutin 50,00 mg
Lavender flowery heads dry extract E/D 1:4 25,00 mg
Sweet orange essential oil 5,00 mg


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