Ultra Pep Sazia

Contributes to weight loss


Contributes to weight loss

Ultra Pep® Sazia contributes to weight loss thanks to the combined action of Glucomannan, Psyllium and Mango.

Glucomannan and Psyllium are soluble fibres that, in contact with the liquids in the stomach, tend to increase in volume, giving a feeling of fullness. Moreover, Psyllium limits the absorption of nutrients, reducing calorie intake. Finally, Mango extract contributes to carbohydrate metabolism.
Therefore, thanks to the presence of Glucomannan and Psyllium, Ultra Pep® Sazia helps to limit the nutrient intake and contributes to weight loss.

When to use it

As an aid in reducing body weight. Recommended for those whose meals are too abundant and those who have frequent hunger attacks satisfied with snacks.

How to use it

We advise taking a sachet at least half an hour before meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner), up to 3 sachets a day.
Pour the content of a sachet in a large glass of water, mix well and drink straight away. After this, drink another glass of water.
An increase in the preparation’s thickness is among the product’s features.
The beneficial effect on the weight loss is obtained with the daily intake of 3g of Glucomannan in 3 x 1g doses with one or two glasses of water.

What it contains

Glucomannan, Psyllium seeds and Mango fruit.


Gluten free. Lactose free. Suitable for vegans.
Can contain traces of mustard and sesame seeds.
Read the warnings on the packet.

How it works?
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Average Content 3 sachets
Psyllium seed powder 9000.0 mg
Glucomannan powder 3000.0 mg
Mango fruit powder 150.0 mg



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