Ultra Pep Punto Vita

To help weight control and weight loss in both men and women

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To help weight control and weight loss in both men and women

Ultra Pep® Punto Vita is a food supplement with Capsimax®, Morosil® and Black pepper to help weight control and wight loss.
Capsimax® is a particular patented extract obtained from the Capsicum fruit that stimulates basal metabolism promoting the use of fat as an energy source.
Morosil® is an extract from Sicilian Red Orange fruits that plays an important antioxidant role in low-calorie diets or weight loss.
Black Pepper helps with the absorption of nutrients and has an anti-oxidant function. 

When to use it

As an addition to low-calorie diets. Suitable for slightly overweight men and women and women over 50.

How to use it

2 tablets a day, preferably in-between or 30 minutes before meals.

What it contains

Capsicum, Red Orange and Black Pepper extracts.


Without Gluten, without Lactose, without Iodine , without Caffeine.
Suitable to vegans.
Read the warnings on the packaging.


Sedentary lifestyles, irregular and unbalanced meals and lack of physical activity are all causes that, together with physiological slower metabolism, cause an increase in weight or localised fatty deposits.

There are two types of fat n our body:  white fat and brown fat, both with different features  and functions.
White fat consists of very large cells (white adipocytes) that accumulate fatty acids and store them.
On the other hand, brown fat consists of cells that store fat in small particles that are used, thanks to thermogenesis, as a source of energy.

Zone adipose punto vita_EN

The areas where fat is stored are affected by sex: in men, fatty deposits are more frequent around the waist, while in women on thighs, buttocks and breasts. With age, and the consequent hormonal variations, fatty deposits concentrate around the waist in women too, so that women lose the characteristic female shape.


How it works?
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Average content 2 tablets
Morosil® – Red Orange Fruit dry extract 300.00 mg
Capsimax® _ Capsicum fruit dry extract titrated with 2% capsaicinoids 140.00 mg
Black Pepper Fruit dry extract titrated with 95% piperine 2.50 mg

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  1. Enza

    ottimo prodotto

  2. Consuelo cartella

    Lo sto usando da 2 settimane sta funzionando veramente


    Buonasera, io ho provato l’offerta completa di perle e buste e penso proprio che le ricompro per questa stagione

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