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Fat & carbs absorption limiter

Ultra Pep MangiaKal con Glicontrol

It limits the absorption of simple sugars and carbohydrates, and reduces fat’s build up

UltraPep MangiaKal® with Glicontrol® is a  formulation with vegetable extracts, that allow to reduce the absorption of carbohydrates and simple sugars (Fabenol TM , Gymnema and Chrome) and reduce calories’ absorption and the presence of sugar in the blood. In this way it can reduce postprandial glucose peak . Gymnema moreover helps to keep hunger under control.

As an aid in low-calorie diets or after particularly big meals. Suitable for those who cannot stick to a diet and for those who eat fatty foods, carbohydrates, and simple sugars.

1-2 tablets a day, preferably before the main meals with some water or other drink.

Bean seed, Gymnema leaves, Chromium,  Mormodica, Fennel fruit extracts, Cassia nomame fruit, Ginger rhizome.

Gluten free. Without Lactose. Suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

Read the instructions on the package.

Average Contents2 tablets%NRV
Fabenol™ – Bean seed400,00 mg
Gymnema leaves dry exctract titrated with 75% in gymnemic acids
Mormodica fruit dry exctract titrated with 3% in charantine
330,20 mg
180,00 mg
150,00 mg
200,00 mcg
Fennel fruit dry extract titrated with 0.5% essential oil160.00 mg
Cassia nomame leaves dry extract titrated with 8% catechins140,00 mg
Ginger rhizome dry extract titrated with 5% gingerols100,00 mg
*Nutritional Reference Values
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Suitable<br> for Vegans Suitable
for Vegans
senza glutine gluten
senza lattosio lactose

36 tablets

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2 reviews for Ultra Pep MangiaKal con Glicontrol

  1. Isabella

    Prodotto validissimo !!! Posso concedermi qualche golosità in più senza risentirne sulla bilancia!! Sono più che soddisfatta!!! Grazie!!!!

  2. Alessandra Meggiolaro

    Buoni questi prodotti! Dopo vani tentativi per perdere 5 kg finalmente ci sono riscita! Grazie!

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