Principium Super C 500 mg

The antioxidant vitamin that supports the body’s defences

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The antioxidant vitamin that supports the body’s defences

Super C 500 mg is a Vitamin C supplement from Rosa canina and Camu camu fruits. Vitamin C is one of the most important vitamins thanks to its broad spectrum of action: it promotes the normal immune system function, it is an excellent antioxidant and helps protect cells against oxidative stress; it boosts iron absorption and helps reduce tiredness and fatigue.

When to use it

Vitamin C, as well as being an excellent antioxidant, also supports the body’s natural defences and can be especially useful for the elderly, during pregnancy and breastfeeding, for those living or working in polluted environments and for smokers (according to some studies, a cigarette “burns” between 25 and 100 mg of vitamin C).

How to use it

1 tablet per day, taken with a little water or other liquid between meals.

What it contains

Extract of Rosa canina titrated at 70% in vitamin C, extract of Camu camu titrated at 10% in vitamin C.


Gluten free. Lactose free. Suitable for vegans.

Read the instructions on the package.

How it works?
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Average Contents 1 tablets % NRV*
Rosa canina frutti e.s. tit. al 70% in vitamina C 711,00 mg
Camu camu frutti e.s. tit. al 10% in vitamina C 30,00 mg
Vitamin C apportata 500,00 mg 625
*Nutrient Reference Values

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  1. Maria Rosa

    Ottima già dopo 4 compresse mi sento in forma , la mia pelle + luminosa …la consiglio a tutti …

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