SoliVen gambe leggere Cream

Immediate wellbeing for legs!

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Immediate wellbeing for legs!

Heavy legs, swollen ankles and raised capillaries are sometimes signs of poor circulation. They may appear sporadically or frequently and may be hereditary, or they may be due to lifestyle.
The SoliVen gambe leggere formula, the result of Bios Line R&D, promotes the physiological functionality of microcirculation and helps to relieve tiredness and swelling, restoring a pleasant and immediate sense of wellbeing and lightness to the legs. All this thanks to the effectiveness of its herbal ingredients: red vine seeds, which help to support circulation thanks to the high concentration of proanthocyanidins (OPC); horse chestnut, whose bark extract may help blood vessels return to being toned and counteract swelling in the legs; Butcher’s broom, whose active ingredients (ruscogenins) have an effect that regulates the permeability and elasticity of the blood vessels; Solidago virga aurea, which helps to drain excess fluid.

When to use it

Effective for heavy legs, swollen ankles and raised capillaries, generally symptoms of poor circulation.

How to use it

Apply from the ankles upwards towards the thighs and massage with light strokes until fully absorbed. Can also be used several times a day.

What it contains

Red vine seeds, horse chestnut, escin, Butcher’s broom, Solidago virga aurea, centella.


Without parabens and mineral oils. Nickel tested and dermatologically tested.
Read the instructions on the package.

How it works?
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Contains extracts:
Red Grape seeds  titr. with 95% in OPC

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    semplicemente favoloso

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