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Rhodiola rosea supplement

Principium Rodiola Gold

The natural response to physical and mental fatigue

Rodiola Gold is a food supplement containing Rhodiola rosea root extract, adaptogen tonic useful in case of physical and mental fatigue that promotes normal mood tone.

Rodiola Gold is an extract from 5 years-old Rhodiola rosea root, handpicked from managed crops.

In case of physical and mental fatigue and to promote normal mood tone.

1-2 capsules a day with a little water or other liquid, better during meals .

Gluten free. Lactose free. Suitable to vegans.

Read the instructions on the package.

Average content2 capsules
Rhodiola root dry extract titrated with 3% total rosavin
and 3% with salidroside
supply of total rosavin
supply of salidroside

600,0 mg
18,0 mg
6,0 mg

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novita Adatto
ai vegani
senza glutine senza
senza lattosio senza
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60 vegetable capsules

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4 reviews for Principium Rodiola Gold


    Semplicemente il migliore!

  2. Raffaella

    Ottimo! Mai senza….

  3. Romano


  4. Paolo Tinarelli

    Funziona veramente! Straordinario integratore!!

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