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Rinopur Allergie

Clears the nose from allergy

Against allergens.

Rinopur® Allergie Spray Nasale is recommended in case of allergic rhinits. Its formulation based on Hyaluronic Acid, Cave Salt and phytoextracts creates a protective barrier that prevents dust, pollen and other allergens to adhere to the nasal mucosa, protecting it and keeping its integrity.

Rinopur® Allergie Spray Nasale clears the nose, promoting moisture and facilitating the elimination of the irritants trapped in the nasal cavities, which cause the irritation. Helichrysum and Currant extracts, with antioxidant action, relief the symptoms, while Plantago and Panthenol have a protective, soothing, and calming action on the irritated nasal mucosa through a mechanical – and not pharmacological – activity.

Without preservatives, recommended for adults, children and the elderly.

Read the warnings and instructions carefully.
Min. Auth. requested on 28/01/2021.

In case of allergies and allergic rhinitis.

Before using it, blow your nose, uncap the product and spray it in each nostril inhaling gently.
Adults and children (6 – 12 years): spray 1-2 times in each nostril; blow your nose and repeat.
Children (3 – 6 years): spray 1 time in each nostril; blow your nose and repeat.

Cave Salt, Hyaluronic Acid, Helichrysum extract, Plantago extract, Currant extract.

Without preservatives.


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