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Slimming and draining treatment

Intensive Slimming Oil Cell-Plus

Against fat deposits associated with water retention

100% formula of natural origin

It contains Slimming Activator*, the exclusive patent** that combines two natural extracts – Crithmum maritimum and Rosemary extract titrated in Carnosic Acid – whose combined action helps to reduce the storage of fats and the maturation of adiposity.
In particular, Crithmum maritimum helps to stimulate the production of Beta-endorphins, peptides that our body produces spontaneously and are useful to promote the reduction of cellulite, while the Rosemary extract intervenes on fat deposits. The Slimming Activator works as an activator on the active ingredients increasing their reducing action.
Cell-Plus Intensive Slimming* Oil also contains an innovative ingredient based on Capsaicin, an active component of chilli, and White mustard sprout extract, which helps to counteract the accumulation and formation of new fat cells. Finally, it is enriched with Moringa oil which improves the elasticity of the skin, protecting it from oxidative stress.

To reshape the silhouette in case of fat deposits associated with water retention and cellulite imperfections.

Massage on the body with circular movements from the bottom upwards, insisting on the areas with greater deposits (legs, buttocks, waist, abdomen, arms). It is advisable to apply it regularly, once or twice a day, for at least a month. Also ideal for massages.

Slimming Activator * (Crithmum maritimum and Rosemary extract), Carnosic Acid, Capsaicin, White Mustard sprouts, Moringa.

Dermatologically tested. No parabens. No iodine.**
*Slimming consists of a remodelling cosmetic action that does not include any loss of weight.
**Traces of iodine can be due to the presence of vegetable or sea extracts.
***Patent No. 0001406676


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100 ml

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In this particular period, because of hormone levels that are established during breastfeeding, cellulite becomes more evident and it is very difficult to lose weight: prolactin, in fact, leads to considerable fluid retention, a prerequisite for the production of milk. Generally, experts advise against starting a low-calorie diet and/or exercise program aimed at weight loss while a woman is breast feeding, because milk production could be affected.
And also as regards cosmetic treatment and food supplements, for the same reasons mentioned above, I advise you to defer their use until the end of breastfeeding: anti-cellulite/slimming products always result in drainage of the fluids present in the tissues, which is counterproductive for milk production.

Due to the particular level of certain hormones during pregnancy, a woman’s skin becomes more sensitive and likely to show sensitization reactions.
As a consequence, products such as anti-cellulite* ones, which stimulate the skin, could cause redness and itching.
I would suggest Cell-Plus Crema Rassodante with FRV be applied on the stomach, hips and bust to prevent the appearance of stretch marks.
*skin appearance
Furthermore, bear in mind that it is quite normal that, during pregnancy and breastfeeding, fluid retention in the tissues increases due to hormones. It would actually be counterproductive to undergo treatment of any kind to reduce the volume of fluid in the tissues: women need to accumulate fluid for the continuous replacement of amniotic fluid and, later on, to produce milk.

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