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NeoDonna Isoflavoni Integratore


To deal with the irritating problems of menopause, caused by the lack of ovarian hormones. A great source of help from nature: Isoflavones, substances of plant origin which perform an activity similar to that of oestrogen hormones, thereby helping to counteract menopause-related problems, especially hot flushes.

NeoDonna® Isoflavoni dietary supplement provides two sources of Soy Isoflavones (fermented and non-fermented) in a dual fast/delayed layer tablet to ensure a long-time effect. Its formula contains Cimicifuga racemosa, which, together with Soy, can counteract menopause-related problems; Calcium, Vitamins D3 and K1, which promote bone health, and Vitamin B6, which can help to regulate hormone activity.

Useful pre-menopause and during the menopause.
2 tablets per day: 1 in the morning and 1 at night, during or after meals. Pre-menopause, 1 tablet only to be taken preferably in the morning. We recommend taking the supplement for a period of at least 6 months followed by a break of 20 days.
Fast layer: Fermented Soy seed, Cimicifuga rhizome. Delayed layer: Calcium, Magnesium, vitamins B6, K1, D3, Soy seed.
Due to the presence of cimicifuga, use of the product is not recommended in the presence of liver function abnormalities. Read the instructions on the package.
Average contents2 TABLETS%NRVS*
Calcium 300 mg 38
Magnesium 240 mg 64
Vitamin B6 2.8 mg 200
Vitamin K1 40 mcg 53
Vitamin D3 7 mcg 140
Soy seeds d.e. tit. with 40% in isoflavones
equal to isoflavones
100 mg
40 mg

 Fermented Soy seeds d.e. tit. with 40% in isoflavones 100 mg
Cimicifuga rhizoma d.e. tit. with 2,5% in triterpene glycosides 40 mg
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