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Organic tea tree soothing cream

Tea Tree Pomata Eudermica Bio

Prompt action for skin protection

Tea Tree Pomata Eudermica Bio is a cream with a high soothing power based on Tea Tree essential oil, organic Thyme hydrolate, organic Olive Tree extract, Lavender essential oil, organic Sunflower oil and a special organic sweet Almond oil titrated with ß-sitosterol. Tea Tree Pomata Eudermica Bio is recommended in cases of skin discomfort and itching.
The properties of Tea Tree essential oil are particularly useful in protecting the skin against the aggression of external agents, above all for those people who use swimming pools and gyms and can be a superb remedy also in case of itching caused by insects or irritating substances.
Organic Sweet Almond Oil is activated with an enzymatic process that releases mono and di-glyceride fatty acids, making it easier to absorb and enhancing its antioxidant activity.

Useful for people who go to swimming pools or gyms or to soothe skin itching or other sensations of discomfort.

Spread and massage lightly on the interested areas. The application can be repeated multiple times during the day, as required.

Organic sweet Almond Oil, Tea Tree and Lavender essential oils, Organic Olive Tree Balm and organic Thyme Hydrolate.

Suitable to vegans and vegetarians.

A Natural and Organic Cosmetic Product certified by Ecocert Green Life according to the Ecocert specifications available at:
99% of the total ingredients are of natural origin
21% of the overall ingredients are organically-grown

Tea Tree essential oil 0,3%
Organic Thyme Hydrolate 6%
Organic sweet Almond Oil 3%
Organic Olive Tree extract 2%
Lavender essential oil 0,3%
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Suitable<br> for Vegans Suitable
for Vegans

50 ml

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3 reviews for Tea Tree Pomata Eudermica Bio

  1. Rebecca

    Mai più senza! Mi ha tolto il rossore da cicatrici post intervento

  2. Forgio


  3. Augusta

    Prodotto ottimo

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