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Detoxifying black shampoo

BioKap Bellezza Shampoo Nero Detossinante

Purifies your scalp thoroughly

Pollution, smog, impurities and excess sebum can accumulate on your scalp, reducing hair volume and shine. Detoxifying Black Shampoo is specifically formulated to purify your scalp and reduce itchiness, restoring vitality, wellbeing and lightness to both skin and hair.

Suitable for all types of hair, this Black shampoo combines the detoxifying and purifying effect of black Clays with the impurity and dirt absorbing properties of Charcoal. A vegetable derivative of Xylitol and Panthenol contributes to reducing itchiness and redness, while menthol and organic rosemary essential oil hydrate and refresh, giving a feeling of comfort and wellbeing to both skin and hair.

The dark colour of the shampoo is the result of its Charcoal powder. It rinses off and does not change your hair colour, either dyed or natural.

On impure scalps with excess sebum and smog residues. For people who live in polluted environments or work in dusty places.

Apply on wet hair, massage and rinse. It is suitable for both men and women and for any sort of hair, including dyed hair. In case of deposit, shake the bottle and turn it upside down for a few seconds.

Vegetable bamboo carbon, black clay, vegetable xylitol derivative, panthenol, menthol, organic rosemary extract.

The colour of the shampoo is due to Charcoal dust and Clays. It is eliminated while rinsing, without affecting the colour of natural or treated hair.

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1 review for BioKap Bellezza Shampoo Nero Detossinante

  1. Marta

    Davero ottimo per la mia dernatite. Toglie prurito e desquamazione. Rinfresca il cuoio capelluto. I miei caoelli sono spessi e forti cmq bene anche come li lascia

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