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Camomile, calendula and euphrasia eye drops

Irivist Occhi Gocce Polidose

Hydrates, soothes, protects

Irivist® Eye Drops contains Camomile, Calendula and Eyebright distilled water as well as viscosifying agents, acts by creating a protective film fighting against the action of environmental factors such as smog, dust, wind, etc. and therefore prevents and soothes unwelcome itching, burning and tiredness.

Irivist® Eye Drops also promotes the restoration of the natural functional eye conditions, giving quick and long-lasting relief.

It is an EC 0373 medical device.
Read the warnings and instructions carefully.

Irivist® Eye Drops is suitable also for frequent use, several times a day.

Irivist® Eye Drops Multi-dose: put 2-3 drops a day in each eye and repeat 2-3 times a day.

Distilled water of: Chamomile, Marigold, Euphrasia, Cross-linked, Dextran.

Suitable to vegans and vegetarians.


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15 ml

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