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Effervescent supplement with propolis and grapefruit seeds

Flufast Difese+


Both during and after winter ailments each one of us can experience tiredness and fatigue and weakened immune system. Flufast Difese+ can be used together with antiviral drugs, or after, to regain energy.

Flufast Difese+ is a supplement that combines the well-known properties of Propolis, titrated with a high level of galangin, with the antioxidant properties of Grapefruit seeds, rich in bioflavonoids. With Zinc and 500 mg of Vitamin C per sachet, contributing to the normal function of the immune system, promoting body’s natural defenses. It also contains Group B vitamins to promote the production of energy for recovery.

It can be taken starting from 3 years of age.

To promote recovery and strengthen the immune system, together with antiviral drugs or after to regain energy.

Dissolve the content of the effervescent sachet in a glass of water and take it as follows:
Adults: 1-2 sachets per day.
Children from 3 years of age: 1 sachet per day.

In addition to Propolis titrated with a high level of galangin and Grapefruit seeds, each effervescent sachet contains Zinc and 500 mg of Vitamin C.

Gluten free. Lactose free. Suitable for vegetarians.
Read the instructions on the package.

Average Content2 sachets%NRVs*
Vitamin C1000,00 mg1250
Zinc12,50 mg125
Propolis resin dry extract titrated to 12% in polyphenols as galangin
equal to galangin
100,0 mg
12,00 mg
Grapefruit seeds dry extract titrated with 50% bioflavonoids
equal to bioflavonoids
100,0 mg
50,00 mg
Vitamin B212,50 mg892,8
Vitamin B327,00 mg168,8
Pantothenic acid (Vitamin B5)9,00 mg150,0
Vitamin B63,00 mg214,3
*NRVs = Nutrient Reference Values EU Reg. no. 1169/2011
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20 effervescent sachets

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  1. RITA

    Ottimo! funziona davvero! I sintomi da raffreddamento spariscono già dalla prima compressa.

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