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Energy supplement for the mind and body

EnerPlus Noni-Eleuterococco

Useful to boost the memory and cognitive function

EnerPlus Noni-Eleuterocco is a supplement based on FruttOligolisato® and substances with a tonic effect such as Eleutherococcus extract and Noni juice. Noni is a Polynesian plant with a tonic and antioxidant effect particularly advisable in case of physical and mental tiredness, while Eleutherococcus can be useful to boost the memory and cognitive function. It contains also Phosphatidylserine, a component of Soy Lecithin, Honey and Royal Jelly.

To give the body the strength to overcome moments of extreme tiredness.

1 sachet a day, in the morning on an empty stomach or when needed, on its own or diluted in another liquid.

Fruttoligolisato® (concentrated Date juice, concentrated Aronia juice and Rice germ juice), Honey, Royal Jelly, Phosphatidylserine, Eleutherococcus extract and Noni juice.

Fruttoligolisato®, the heart of EnerPlus, is a balanced mixture of Aronia, Date and Rice germ juices particularly rich in phytonutrients. Rice germ, produced in Lessinia National Park (Italy) using controlled temperature spring water, is rich in micronutrients; concentrated Date juice is obtained from the fruit of this plant from Mediterranean Africa, while the concentrated juice of Aronia, a plant originating from North America with deep purple fruits, is useful as a tonic and to boost the natural body defenses.

Gluten and lactose free. Without preservatives and dyes. Suitable for Vegetarians.
Read the warnings on the package.

Average Content1 sachet 10 ml (ca. 13 g)
FruttOligolisato® of:
Concentrated Date juice
Concentrated Aronia juice
Rice germ juice
4600,00 mg
3600,00 mg
668,00 mg
332,00 mg
Honey1000,00 mg
Eleutherococcus root dry extracted
titrated with 0,8% eleutherosides
165,00 mg
Noni fruit juice150,0 mg
Lyophilized Royal Jelly100,0 mg
Phosphatidylserine from Soy Lecithin20,00 mg
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senza lattosio lactose

15 sachets x 10 ml

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