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Vegetable vitamin D supplement

Principium D3 2000 Vegetale

Vitamin D3 from Icelandic Lichen

Vitamin D3 supplement, of plant origin, from Icelandic lichen, contributing to bone health, to the absorption of calcium and phosphorus and the normal function of the immune system. For both adults and children.

In case of vitamin D deficiency or increased need.

Children 3-10 years:
4 drops/day (10 mcg/400 UI)
Teenagers, pregnant and breastfeeding women: 6 drops/day (15 mcg/600 UI)
Adults: 20 drops/day (50 mcg/2000 UI)

Chewable tablets
Children of age 3 to 10
: 1 tablet every 5 days (400 UI per day)
Teenagers, pregnant and breastfeeding women: 1 tablet every 4 days (500 UI per day)
Adults: 1 tablet a day (2000 UI)

Icelandic lichen titrated with vitamin D3.

No Gluten and Lactose.
Suitable to vegans.

Average Content 20 drops 1 tablet %VNR
Lichen thallus oil titrated with 2.5% Vitamin D3
Equal to vitamin D3
2000,00 mcg
50,00 mcg
2000,00 mcg
50,00 mcg
Vitamin E 8,00 mg 66
*Nutrient Reference Values
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SKU: BL7421 Category:
novita Suitable
for Vegans
senza glutine gluten
senza lattosio lactose
Recommended price
50 ml, 60 chewable tablets

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2 reviews for Principium D3 2000 Vegetale

  1. Luca

    Ottimo prodotto, anche il sapore è gradevole per i bambini.

  2. Sara Lamanda

    Prodotto ottimo, con risultati dopo già una settimana sull’umore.

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