Anti-oxidant Centripura®


Whole fruit and vegetable extracts: with Pomegranate & Tomato

The fresh fruit and vegetable smoothies are a healthy and tasty way to add to our diets the vitamins, trace elements and mineral salts that are vital to our wellbeing. But we don’t always have the time (or the inclination) to prepare them. Today, luckily, the problem is solved with Centripura®!

Centripura® is a concentrate of whole fruit and vegetable extracts, very easy to prepare: a glass of water is all that’s required. As good as freshly centrifuged, ready in a minute.

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In its Anti-oxidant formula, with Pomegranate and Tomato, Centripura® is suitable against free radicals and cell aging.
Pollution, stress, UV rays, bad diet, but also intense sports activity can cause an increase of the free radicals that can damage cells, altering the correct body functions.

Antioxidant Centripura® contains Pomegranate, Tomato and Orange, that are rich in vitamins and especially in Vitamin C; Lycopene and polyphenols, that have an antioxidant action. It also contains Blueberry and Beetroot, rich in anthocyanins and effective in fighting free radicals and aging process; vitamin E, B2 and Selenium, that are active against oxidative stress.

When to use it

Recommended to obtain a natural antioxidant action. In the presence of pollution, stress, UV rays, incorrect diet, but also intense sports activity that can cause an increase of the free radicals that damage cells, altering correct body functions.

How to use it

Dissolve 1 sachet in a large glass of water (about 200 ml), mix, let it rehydrate for a couple of minutes and drink.

What it contains

Whole extracts of Pomegranate, Tomato, Maqui berry, Blueberry, Beetroot, Orange, Lycopene, Selenium, vitamin B2 and vitamin E.


No gluten, no lactose, suitable to vegans.
Read the warnings on the packaging.

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How it works?
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Average Content 1 sachet %NRV*
Orange fruit powder 1750 mg
Blueberry fruit juice powder 560,00 mg
Pomegranate fruit juice powder 560,00 mg
Tomato fruit powder 350,00 mg
Beetroot roots juice powder 245,00 mg
Blueberry fruit powder 182,00 mg
Blueberry fruit dry extract titrated with 1% anthocyanosides 98,00 mg
Maqui berry fruit juice powder 70,00 mg
Lycopene from tomato fruit 3,50 mg
Vitamin E 8,40 mg 70
Vitamin K2 980,00 mcg 70
Selenium 38,50 mcg 70
*Nutrient Reference Values

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