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Cell-Plus UP Integratore


This dietary supplement contains Soybean Isoflavones, Evening Primrose Oil, and vegetable extracts. The Evening Primrose Oil contained in Cell-Plus UP promotes skin trophism and functionality.

To enhance the effect of Cell-Plus UP “Lifting Effect” Bust Cream and restore tone and elasticity to bust tissues.
Two capsules two or three times a day, taken with a little water, for at least two months.
Soybean, Maca, Galega, Fenugreek, Liquorice, Bamboo, Hops, Fennel extracts, and microencapsulated Evening Primrose oil.
Does not interfere with the hormonal system. Read the instructions on the package.
Average contents6 CAPSULES
Galega herb with flowers dry extract 600 mg
Fenugreek seeds dry extract 480 mg
Licorice root dry extract 276 mg
Hop cones dry extract 240 mg
Bamboo young stem powder 240 mg
Borage seeds microencapsulated oil 180 mg
Fennel fruits powder 180 mg
Soybeans dry extract titrated with 3% isoflavones
Equal to isoflavones
120 mg
3.6 mg
Maca root dry extract 60 mg
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