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Stomach & hips slimming cream

Cell-Plus Crema Snellente Pancia e Fianchi

Timer slimming* effect

Over time, the waist area tends to relax and the silhouette loses its harmony. An intelligent formula: Bios Line laboratories have created an exclusive combination of Alga Corallina + Firming Complex which can help reduce skin imperfections caused by localized fat deposits. Timer Effect: Alga Corallina is a special red algae able to act on the skin tissue on the stomach and hips with a timed day/night effect: at night, thanks to leptin, it helps to counteract the imperfections caused by localized fat deposits. The slimming* activator: the effectiveness of the product is enhanced by an innovative marine extract (Crithmum Maritimum) that acts as an activator, acting on the active ingredients and increasing their slimming* effect. Finally, the active texture, a special formulation created by Bios Line laboratories, promotes transport of the active ingredients and the effectiveness of the treatment with a short, pleasant massage.

To combat imperfections caused by fat deposits and relaxed tissues in the waist area. Also recommended for supporting the tone of the tissues in the arms.

Apply twice daily for at least a month. Massage in until completely absorbed for best results.

Algae Corallina, firming complex, slimming activator*, Blue-Green Algae® from Brittany (Gelidium cartilagineum)

*Cosmetic reshaping that does not involve weight loss.

No parabens, no PEG, no synthetic dyes, silicone-free. Do not use during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

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1 review for Cell-Plus Crema Snellente Pancia e Fianchi

  1. Aldo Rossi

    Salve volevo chiedere se questa crema era efficacie anche per l’uomo oppure è specifica per la donna.
    Grazie per la disponibilità, comunque ottimo prodotto

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In this particular period, because of hormone levels that are established during breastfeeding, cellulite becomes more evident and it is very difficult to lose weight: prolactin, in fact, leads to considerable fluid retention, a prerequisite for the production of milk. Generally, experts advise against starting a low-calorie diet and/or exercise program aimed at weight loss while a woman is breast feeding, because milk production could be affected.
And also as regards cosmetic treatment and food supplements, for the same reasons mentioned above, I advise you to defer their use until the end of breastfeeding: anti-cellulite/slimming products always result in drainage of the fluids present in the tissues, which is counterproductive for milk production.

Due to the particular level of certain hormones during pregnancy, a woman’s skin becomes more sensitive and likely to show sensitization reactions.
As a consequence, products such as anti-cellulite* ones, which stimulate the skin, could cause redness and itching.
I would suggest Cell-Plus Crema Rassodante with FRV be applied on the stomach, hips and bust to prevent the appearance of stretch marks.
*skin appearance
Furthermore, bear in mind that it is quite normal that, during pregnancy and breastfeeding, fluid retention in the tissues increases due to hormones. It would actually be counterproductive to undergo treatment of any kind to reduce the volume of fluid in the tissues: women need to accumulate fluid for the continuous replacement of amniotic fluid and, later on, to produce milk.

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