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Cell-Plus MD Fango Anticellulite


Cell-Plus® MD Anticellulite Mud is a product for the treatment of cellulite at an initial or advanced stage.

Due to osmotic effect, micronized ocean Seaweed and Clay contrast the water retention that generally characterizes cellulite in the various stages. The product contains a patented* complex, based on Crithmum maritimum and Rosemary extract. It contains essential oils and caffeine.

Easy to use: it is applied like a cream, does not run thanks to its thick texture and has an application time of only 20 minutes.

It is an EC medical device.

Read the warnings and instructions carefully. Min. Aut. requested on 22/12/2014

Read the instructions on the package.

To combat cellulite and promote body reshaping.
Apply the mud on the areas to be treated (legs, arms, stomach, hips) and leave for 20 minutes. For greater effect, wrap the treated parts in film after applying the mud. At the end rinse under the shower. Use the mud once or twice a week. For an intensive treatment, twice a week for 2 months.
Crithmum maritimum, Rosemary extract titrated with 10% Carnosic acid, micronized ocean Seaweed (Alga Laminaria, Fucus, Gelidium cartilagineum), Clay, Caffeine, Melissa, Eucalyptus and Sage essential oils, Horse chestnut and Lotus flower phytoextracts
Paraben free. *Patent No. 0001406676

acqua, bentonite, caolino, Alga laminaria, Alga fucus, sodio cloruro, caffeina, estratti vegetali di Ippocastano, fior di Loto, Gelidium cartilagineum, Crithmum maritimum, olio essenziale di Eucalipto, Melissa, Salvia, gomma xantana, idrossietilcellulosa, acido citrico, fenossietanolo, acido deidroacetico, acido benzoico, etilesilglicerina, sale marino, vanil butil etere, estratto secco di Rosmarino, pigmento verde, decil glucoside.

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