Cell-Plus® MD Booster Anticellulite


Cell-Plus® MD Booster Anticellulite is a treatment for both initial and advanced-stage cellulite. The product has been formulated through advanced technology to create a hot-cold effect that determines an initial decrease in local temperature followed by a sustained increase in heat.

Combined with a good massage, this action helps:

• reactivate lymphatic and blood microcirculation

• oxygenate tissues

• remove metabolic waste

• drain stagnant body fluids

The product contains a plant-based complex of Chritmum maritimum and rosemary extract.

When to use it

For the treatment of either initial or advanced-stage cellulite.

How to use it

Apply to the affected areas with a circular motion, following the lymphatic flow.

Wash your hands thoroughly after each application.

The heat effect experienced after application, which indicates that the product is working, is very subjective and in some cases may persist for up to three hours. For best results apply twice daily, morning and night, for at least 3 weeks, combined with a healthy diet and regular exercise to maximise its effect.

The treatment can be repeated various times during the year.

What it contains

Dry extract of Chritmum maritimum and Rosemary (titrated at 10% in carnosic acid), Caffeine, Carnitine, Menthol.


No sources of iodine. Paraben free. Nickel Tested.

This is an EC 0373 marked medical device.

Carefully read all warnings and instructions for use.

Ministerial authorisation requested on 10/01/2014

How it works?
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