Principium Calcio Marino (Marine Calcium)

For the wellbeing of bones


For the wellbeing of bones

Marine calcium is a dietary supplement of Coral calcium carbonate and MenaQ-7®, a vitamin K2 obtained from fermentation, that contribute to maintaining bones healthy. The coral in the calcium contains many trace elements present in sea water. Moreover Marine Calcium contains vitamin D3 to promote normal calcium absorption.

MenaQ-7® is a registered trademark by NattoPharma, Norway.

When to use it

To help keeping bones healthy.

How to use it

2-4 tablets a day with a little water or other liquid

What it contains

Coral calcium carbonate (maltodextrins), MenaQ-7® (vitamin  K2), vitamin D3.


No gluten. No lactose. No iodine.

Read the instructions on the package.

How it works?
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Average content 4 tablets %NRVs*
Calcium 1200,0 mg 150
Vitamin D3 9,0 mcg 180
Vitamin K2 45,0 mcg 60
*NRVs = Nutrient Reference Values


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