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Supplement herbal tea for lazy bowels

Buonerbe Tisana Forte

Awaken your sluggish intestine

Created for those who want to dedicate time to their wellbeing, the Buonerbe® Tisana Forte herbal tea contains Senna, Buckthorn, Boldo, and Malva, which help promote physiologic bowel activity. The infusion is made particularly pleasant by the essential oil of Peppermint.

In cases of bowel irregularity and prolonged constipation, it can have a rapid effect which is not irritating to the intestinal walls. In the event of occasional constipation during trips with changes of climate and habits, and, in general, in the event of a poor diet.

The infusion time can change the strength of the product. Pour into a cup of boiling water and soak the filter. Leave to infuse for: 3 minutes for a delicate effect; 7 minutes for a more decisive effect.

Senna fruits, Buckthorn bark, Malva leaves, Boldo leaves, and Mint leaves.

The effectiveness of plants containing anthraquinones can be noticed after 8-12 hours.
Gluten free. Lactose free. Suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

Read the warnings on the pack.

Nutritional ingredients1 sachet
Senna fruits f.s.985,0 mg
Buckthorn barck f.s.590,0 mg
Mallow leaves f.s.295,0 mg
Boldo leaves f.s.110,0 mg
Mint leaves e.o.20,0 mg
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Suitable<br> for Vegans Suitable
for Vegans
senza glutine gluten
senza lattosio lactose

20 aroma-protection tea bags

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4 reviews for Buonerbe Tisana Forte

  1. Debora Menozzi

    Non Soffro di stipsi solitamente, ma un periodo di stress lavorativo mia ha portato ad un “blocco” … ho provato le Buone Erbe e ne sono rimasta entusiasta. Ha un’azione risolutiva ma contemporaneamente dolce, il corpo non è shockato dall’azione ne debilitato, semplicemnte si prova una sensazione generale di rilassamento.
    Una coccola rinfrescante per il nostro intestino.

  2. Debora Menozzi

    Ottima anche in caso di stipsi dovuta a stress.
    Ho provato una sensazione generale di rilassamento.
    Una coccola dolce e rinfrescante per il nostro intestino

  3. Nicoletta Vecchio

    Prodotto ottimo gradevole e pratico.

  4. Roberta de Santis


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