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Buonerbe Microclismi Adulti


Thanks to its formula with concentrated deionized Grape sap, sorbitol, water, fluid extract form Mallow and Aloe, Buonerbe® Micro-enemas Adults increases the water content and volume of the bowel contents, which softens the stools and helps evacuation without irritating.

Thanks to its formula rich in natural extracts and sugar components, Buonerbe® Microclismi Adults protects and soothes the rectal mucosa, and alleviates the discomfort and irritation caused by constipation.


Ministerial Authorization requested on 1/10/2021

Read the warnings and instructions for use carefully.

To relieve constipation without causing irritation. Soothes and protects the rectal mucosa.
RECTAL USE Directions for use: each single-use micro-enema remeans fully sealed until it is ready for use: this assures hygiene and easiness of use. Remove the seal off the nozzle. Squeeze the tube slightly so that a drop smears the tip, insert the nozzle fully into the rectum and gently squeeze out the content. Keeping the tube squeezed tightly, withdraw the nozzle. Posology: Adults and children from 12 years of age: 1 x 10 g micro-enema when needed. In case of stubborn constipation, use up to 2 enemas one after the other. Read the warnings and instructions for use contained in the leaflet carefully.
Buonerbe® Microenemas Adults contains a complex of monosaccharides, polysaccharides and melanoidins from white Grapes specially selected and manufactured, enriched with polysaccharides from Aloe, Mallow and Althea. Carbohydrates and polyols help bowel’s relief thanks to a mild osmosis; Aloe, Mallow and Althea have a hydrating, emollient and mucus-like action, with lubricant effect that helps stool transit. Furthermore, hydroglyceric Propolis has an hydrating effect on rectal mucosa.
Suitable to vegetarians. Warning: do not use in case of hypersensitivity or allergies to one or more ingredients. In case of stubborn constipation seek the advice of a doctor to exclude other diseases. Micro-enemas must not be used in case of abdominal pain of unknown origin. Micro-enemas are for single use, therefore must not be used a second time. Keep away from children. Do not use if package has been damaged, nor after expiration date. Read the notice carefully.

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6 microclycms of 10 g

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