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Multivitamin, multimineral, multivegetable, certified organic

Bio45 is a dietary supplement that contains Vitamins, Minerals, and Vegetable Extracts from certified organic farming; it is particular useful whenever an extra intake of these elements is required. A true boost of energy as well as an important aid in the event of a poor diet.

The Organic Certification guarantees the “naturalness” of the plants, and the respect for their growth cycles, as well as a suitable amount of micronutrients and the absence of any genetic modification, pesticides, chemical fertilisers, and metals. Scientific Research shows that plants from Organic farming are much richer in minerals, nutrients and antioxidants.

When to use it

In the event of general fatigue, pregnancy and breastfeeding, convalescence, weight loss, or an unbalanced diet. Perfect also for athletes and people who make prolonged or intense physical activity.

How to use it

2 to 4 tablets a day is enough to ensure an adequate intake of micronutrients.

What it contains

Vitamins: B1, B2, B5, B6, B9, B12, C, D2, E, PP; Beta-carotene, Biotin, Inositol, PABA, Choline. Minerals: Iron, Calcium, Magnesium, Zinc, Manganese, Copper, Iodine, Selenium, Chromium. Herbal ingredients: Spirulina stalk, Apricot fruit, Pineapple fruit, Orange fruit, Banana fruit, Red Beetroot root, Carrot root, Echinacea herb, Strawberry fruit, Raspberry fruit, Lemon fruit, Apple fruit, Pea fruit, Tomato fruit, Elder fruit, Rooibos leaves, Spinach leaves, Green Tea leaves, Pumpkin fruit.


Gluten free. Lactose free. Suitable for vegans.
Suitable for the whole family.
Read the instructions on the package.


All Bio45 products are certified by Ecocert

certificazione certificazione

How it works?
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Nutritional ingredients4 tablets%NRVs*
Beta-carotene5,00 mg*
Vitamin D25,00 mcg100
Vitamin E10,00 mg83,3
Vitamin B11,40 mg127,3
Vitamin B21,60 mg114,3
Vitamin PP18,00 mg112,5
Pantothenic Acid (vit. B5)6,00 mg100
Vitamin B62,00 mg142,9
Biotin160,00 mcg320
Folic Acid (vit. B9)200,00 mcg100
Vitamin B121,00 mcg40
Inositol16,00 mg*
PABA16,00 mg*
Choline32,00 mg*
Vitamin C60,00 mg75
Iron8,00 mg57,1
Calcium135,33 mg16,9
Magnesium56,25 mg15
Zinc4,50 mg45
Manganese2,48 mg124
Copper360,00 mcg36
Iodine44,00 mcg29,3
Selenium50,00 mcg90,9
Chrome50,00 mcg125
Phosphorus105,00 mg15
Organic young stems Bamboo dry extract
contribution of silicon
21,32 mg
16,00 mg
Mixture of Plant Extracts from Organic Farming: Spirulina thallus 100 mg, Apricot fruit 40mg, Ananas fruit 40mg, Orange fruit 40mg,
Banana fruit 40mg, Red beet root 40mg, Carrot root 40mg, Echinacea herb 40mg, Strawberry fruit 40mg, Raspberry fruit 40mg,
Lemon fruit 40mg, Apple fruit 40mg, Pea seeds 40mg, Tomato fruit 40mg, Elder fruit 40mg, Rooibos leaves 40mg,
Spinach leaves 40mg, Green Tea leaves 40mg, Pumpkin fruit 40mg
820 mg*
*NRVs = Nutrient Reference Values

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3 reviews for Bio45

  1. Rated 4 out of 5

    Silvia Marassi

    Conosco questo prodotto da poco ma per ora mi trovo molto bene. Mi sento meno stanca!
    Molto più valido dei soliti multivitaminici…

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    J T

    Ottimo in condizioni di stress psico-fisico! Lo utilizzo soprattutto nei periodi di studio quando la mente è particolarmente stanca…

  3. Rated 4 out of 5

    Franco Bogani

    Ottimo, 2 tavolette durante i pasti principali, lo usa anche mia figlia in età adolescenziale per lo studio e per lo sport e si trova bene.

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