Bio Spirulina 500 mg

100% Spirulina Algae without excipients

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The “Food of the Gods”

BioSpirulina 500 mg is a certified organic Spirulina Algae-based dietary supplement. This spiral-shaped, green-blue freshwater algae is particularly useful for its restorative effects in the event of physical and mental fatigue.

When to use it

Indicated in the event of fatigue and during convalescence; particularly recommended for children, elderly people, sportspeople, and pregnant women. Also useful during low-calorie diets, as it boosts energy and stamina.

How to use it

2-4 tablets per day, taken before meals with a little water.

What it contains

Spirulina algae powder.


Organic Certified.
Gluten free. Lactose free. Suitable for vegan.
No sugar, excipients, colorants or preservatives.

Read the instructions on the package.

How it works?
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Average Contents 4 tablets
Alga Spirulina powder 2.000,00 mg

2 reviews for Bio Spirulina 500 mg

  1. Monica Butnaru

    Ottimo,migliora la pelle,capelli…la uso da 3 anni con qualche pausa 1-2 mesi,la consiglio a tutti!

  2. oscar ventura

    Gentili signorii, sono interessato alla BIO-Spirulina 500,
    Pertanto vorrei sentire una vostra conveniente offerta .annche più confezioni per aver buon fine sull’ acquisto.
    Grazie e Rimango in attesa di vostre gradite notizie.

    Inoltre gradirei sapere a chi rivolgermi per eventuale acquisto.

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