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Propolis soothing cream

Apix Propoli Pomata Lenitiva

Protects irritated skin from winter ailments

Due to the high content of Shea butter (over 70%) as well as Calendula and Apricot oil, the APIX® PROPOLI Soothing ointment forms an emollient and soothing lipidic film on the skin which helps to soothe skin that is irritated by external agents.

To nourish and protect the skin on the nose and lips, irritated by colds and winter ailments.

Apply to the lips and around the nostrils, and any other irritated skin.

Shea butter, Calendula oil, extracts of Propolis and Grapefruit seeds, Apricot oil.

It does not contain fragrance, mineral oils, parabens or colourants.
Suitable to vegetarians.

Read the instructions on the package.

Shea butter
Calendula oil
Grapefruit seeds
Apricot oil
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3 reviews for Apix Propoli Pomata Lenitiva

  1. Carmine

    Avevo le labbra molto irritate sono bastate due applicazioni e va già molto meglio è davvero miracolosa!!!

  2. Claudia

    Per me è una delle linee Top della bios line è davvero un ottimo prodotto, nn brucia ed è super emolliente!

  3. Laura Parolo


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