Apix Propoli Hydroalcoholic Solution

Rapid response to winter ailments


Rapid response to winter ailments

Why wait for typical winter ailments to take over? When the first signs appear, use Apix® Propoli hydroalcoholic solution that combines the virtues of Propolis and Grapefruit seed, with the ability of Zinc and Copper that contribute to the normal functioning of the immune system. So you can help your body’s natural defences to combat the dangers of the cold season.

When to use it

At the first signs of a cold and of other ailments that are typical of the cold season.

How to use it

30 drops dissolved in a little water or a teaspoon of sugar or honey, 1-2 times a day.

What it contains

Propolis resin, Grapefruit seeds, Copper and Zinc.


Gluten free. Lactose free.

How it works?
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Average Contents 60 drops % *NRVs
Propolis resin hydroalcoholic extract tit. with 1% in polyphenols in form of galangin
galangin equivalent
1.000,0 mg
10,0 mg
Grapefruit seeds hydroalcoholic extract 500,0 mg *
Zinc 1,50 mg 15
Copper 0,15 mg 15
*NRVs = Nutrient Reference Values


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